<h3>The Sherwood Queenstown</h3>

The Sherwood Queenstown


Sherwood's overarching ethos is to try to put something back into the community. The belief in connections is at the heart of Sherwood's ethos.

"It's all about looking at how the place can play a meaningful part in the local community."

Creative development to develop a range of ‘experiences’ and engage with as many aspects of the Sherwood Experience as possible.
-Scope / Outline sales, PR / Comm’s channels to market
-Production / execution




A movement of restaurants & cafes operating at zero-food-waste & free water for all. 

Using only compostable & biodegradable packaging, we are the pioneers in serving organic wholesome plant-based food & drink - complete with motivational messages inspiring proactive change. 
MANA! hopes to usher in a fresh breed of business that aligns with core values beyond the dollar sign, generating a quiet revolution in consumer awareness. Our company makes the choice for sustainable living and conscious consumption positively inevitable, by serving food that doesn’t cost the Earth and that inspires change.

-Creative Brand strategy for Q4 - 2016
-Re development of website
-Social media management
-Scope of offerings
-Design story outline

<h3>Flo Jewelries</h3>

Flo Jewelries


I would describe Cristina as an extraordinarily motivated person who always go above and beyond. I’m always impressed by her drive and positive vibe; she inspires me to be focused and keep challenging myself.

Flo Jewelries' brand motto is to ‘go with the flo(w)’, I believe that Cristina shares similar values with us and is a perfect choice to be Flo ambassador as she has been very flexible with how we can collaborate to raise consciousness in the communities in Asia.

As entrepreneurs who seek and achieve our dreams, Cristina and I both chose to do something we are passionate about and see endless possibilities in whatever we do. I very much look forward to working with Cristina and Vibe Tribe to co-create more possibilities bringing more positive vibes with Flo’s meaningful and inspiring jewelries and classes to people around us.

Flora Chan
Founder, Flo Jewelries 

<h3>WE’AR Clothing</h3>

WE’AR Clothing


WE-AR is from a seed concept: we are one, so every action has an impact on others and the planet. From organic, eco-luxe textiles, through robust social + environmental codes, to active community giving and engagement, this ethos is the heartbeat of every choice made.

WE-AR mindfully made fashion, Yoga wear and accessories that accentuate your look without compromising your higher principles.

Conscious Collaborator.