conscious collaboration


14 - 17 December, 2017
The Fields at Siam Country Club
Pattaya, Thailand

A festival that encourages, develops and innovates creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them. Wonderfruit uses their platform to catalyze creativity and make a meaningful positive impact.

<h3>The Change School</h3>

The Change School

The Change School is a lifelong learning institute, cultivating entrepreneurial grit, competencies and personal growth to help people realise their potential and move forward.

We create unique experiences designed to help students connect the dots and take action with confidence, clarity and emotional intelligence.

Link to my Change School talk on YouTube:



Through our conscious collaboration, I have been able to really understand the impact our choices have on a personal, local, global & universal level. It has pushed me to really evaluate & refine the ethics & ethos I have for myself & for my brand.

Aside from supporting Aanya on collaborations, Cristina has introduced us to wonderful opportunities & an inspiring community of conscious change makers. It is very important for me to grow as a person while I grow my brand and I'm very grateful to have Cristina join us on this journey!

Ishita Desai
Founder, Aanya



WelcomeEarth is an online community dedicated to providing transformational media to those seeking a fully awakened life experience.

We produce original exclusive video & audio content (TreeOfLifeTalks & Guided Meditations) of spiritual Master Teachers from different philosophies and walks of life.

A collective of like-minded individuals, we seek to encourage the growth and exploration of mind, body, soul and a healthy relationship with our environment and world.

<h3>Not Just a Bottle</h3>

Not Just a Bottle
Designed in Denmark.

Crafted in Vietnam.

Not Just a Bottle develop, design, produce and sell sustainable bottles which challenge the conventional understanding of drinking bottles without compromising materials, aesthetics and health.

- Sustainably sourced bamboo and materials
- Circular Economy
- User Friendly Design
- High Quality
- Health & Social Responsibility

A plastic bottle emits 900 times more CO2 in comparison to tap water. We believe everyone should have access to clean drinking water. Our objective is to become an everyday bottle that people re-fill and drink from in the car, at school, on the go, at work and during sports. Our long-term mission is to meet the customers desire and need for water by offering free and clean drinking water at filtered/tapping stations in villages and cities where tapping water is non-drinkable.

<h3>Shining Tigers Production</h3>

Shining Tigers Production

Shinning Tigers Productions represents creativities, culture exchanges and design styles.

The company not only acts as a channel to engage international products within the China market, but also pave the way for China domestic products to be recognized on a global platform.

Closely collaborating with Founder, Argentina born, Raul Pardeilhan whose purpose is aligned with The Vibe Tribe. To connect people and projects enabling all to shine brighter , the companies global mission.

Placing the talents and human sources in the right position, giving them the best in every decision and action we take, is the perception of Shining Tigers Productions global company.

<h3>Sustainable Coastlines</h3>

Sustainable Coastlines

On a mid winters night in June this year Sustainable Coastlines and The Vibe Tribe collaborated for the first time in a film/dining/socialising event held at Toto's Montecristo Room. Cristina who orchestrated the whole event had a great turnout, for a night which may have seen people tucked up at home rather than venture out. From out point of view, it was hugely successful in bringing like-minded individuals together to enjoy a great evening out while helping a good cause. We look forward to working together in the future.

<h3>The Organic Mechanic</h3>

The Organic Mechanic

You have been absolutely amazing to work with, so quick to respond, and very on to it in regards to future events. You also seem to be everywhere, knowing all the right people and involved in all the right high value events, which is good. You are an amazing promoter - anything with your energy behind will be successful. I also really like how you are able to pull together people and brands to collaborate seamlessly, and making sure the experience is classy and authentic - it is a real skill.

<h3>Yoga Tree Taupo</h3>

Yoga Tree Taupo

The Yoga Tree Taupo had a truly great experience earlier this year hosting The Vibe Tribe and Nik Robson in Taupo. Everything was well arranged and well organised and it was truly a real pleasure meeting with the lovely Cristina McLauchlan. We are very much looking forward to working on and off the mat again with The Vibe Tribe and wish them every success, we absolutely love and support what you guys are doing out there!

<h3>BaliSpirit Festival 2017 </h3>

BaliSpirit Festival 2017

The BaliSpirit Festival embodies the core mantra of Balinese Hinduism - Tri Hita Karana - to live in harmony with our spiritual, social, and natural environments.

Through the traditions of yoga, dance, healing and world music, the BaliSpirit Festival attracts over 7000 people from all over the world every year.

The 5-day, 7-night Festival offers you a wide range of events to choose from between 8am – 11pm each day over 1 week, from March 19th - 26th 2017.

On offer are: interactive workshops & seminars, a lively community market & healing center, a children’s activity zone, yoga classes and vibrant night time programs of live Bhakti and world music concerts, set among the picturesque rice-fields of Ubud, Bali.