Introducing Cristina Lopez McLauchlan, our new eco-columnist

31 AUGUST 2018 The Closeteur Magazine

"Cristina Lopez McLauchlan, a chieftess of many vibes. Ethical public relations, communications consultant, brand strategist and event producer. Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Sharer of Yoga and Founder of Conscious Cinema. Working with purposeful businesses. Supporting the shift to brand your vibe with conscious intent."

"... Now I shop at Redress’s well known #getdresressed pop up shops. My latest purchases a Christian Dior top and Yves Saint Laurent jacket the cast of Sex and the City would die for! In the end I did get to wear some of the labels those glossy images on my boarding school wall hosted.

If there is one thing I brand my vibe with it is that we privileged humans have the blessed gift of choice. We cast a vote for the kind of world we live in with our dollar. The power of our purchases affect everything and everyone. #brandyourvibe"

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50 Hong Kong Fitfluencers You Should Follow Now


Cristina McLauchlan @_thevibetribe_

"Cristina has her fingers in a lot of (vegan) pies. She’s the founder of ethical PR brand The Vibe Tribe, a Compare Retreats wellness expert, marketing manager for MANA! and a yoga teacher. Harbouring ‘conscious collaborations’ and bridging together the city’s wellness professionals to create a collaborative, community spirit, The Vibe Tribe is a great source of inspiration and a place to spot the who’s who in wellness as well as following Cristina’s healthy adventures around the world."

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A conversation with Cristina McLauchlan, founder of The Vibe Tribe, on healthy living in Hong Kong

22 APRIL 2018 By Carly Wu

"As the founder of The Vibe Tribe, I call myself an Ethical Publicist. I work with brands like MANA! and other different ethical brands to support them by leveraging their platforms through storytellings, events and journeys. What I do is to help strategise brand stories and sales and marketing, to help create awareness – a conduit for change."

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Meet The Founder | Cristina McLauchlan | The Vibe Tribe

16 APRIL 2018 By Lucy Hollamby

"Introducing Cristina Lopez McLauchlan, founder of The Vibe Tribe and Conscious Cinema. Cristina has spend 15 + years working in hospitality, brand and event management. Previously having worked for luxury corporate firms, she now aligns ethical brands and individuals."

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34 Women Leading Hong Kong’s Wellness Revolution



Cristina McLauchlan: Founder, the Vibe Tribe

"Cristina is an eco-warrior with serious heart – her aim to bring environmentally focused brands to the fore has led to her work as Brand Manager for MANA! Fast Slow Food, and the establishment of the Vibe Tribe, fostering positive partnerships from the wellness community and beyond, as well as Conscious Cinema, which offers screenings with the aim to raise awareness and stir public debate."

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Cristina X Redress Design Award @ FILM AID ASIA

7 FEBRUARY 2018 by Redress 

"Cristina Mclauchlan, Founder of The Vibe Tribe was spotted with Craig Leeson, Director of A Plastic Ocean, supporting Redress Design Award alumni at the recent FILM AID ASIA red carpet event. Here Cristina's wearing 2017 finalist Amanda Borgfors Mészàros Amanda Borgfors Mészàros's zero-waste, up-cycled pleated teal blouse. Conscious and sustainably chic!"

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THE WARRIOR: WHO/ Cristina Lopez McLauchlan - Founder

PASSIONS & PURPOSE/ Connecting with community all over the world and being a conduit for change.

"To collaborate and create platforms, events, journeys and experiences which plant seeds of awareness so that conscious consumerism and change is nurtured."

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Cristina Lopez McLauchlan On Visualisation And How You Can Start Today


"CompareRetreats.com Founder Dervla Louli first read about visualisation in 2011 in an article on Huffington Post. Skeptical at first, she decided to apply the principles to her fitness goals: running a marathon in under four hours. To cut a long story short, it worked. With very little training and lots of painkillers and coffee, Dervla ran her first marathon in 3 hours, 59 minutes and 18 seconds in Tokyo, and began to use it in other areas of her life."
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"We’re honored to gather round 5 key female drivers behind the Wellness phenomenon to shine some light on their brand journey, success and challenges faced, insights on future wellness trends and more - RSVP, don’t miss out on amazing vibes sparked among these Female Entrepreneurs."
"♀ Cristina Lopez Mclauchlan - Founder of The Vibe Tribe & Brand Manager of Mana ! Fast Slow Food" 
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Leading the Conscious Movement in Asia: Cristina McLauchlan, Founder of The Vibe Tribe, Brand Manager of MANA!, HK


"What is Conscious Living to you? We speak to a couple of individuals leading the Conscious Movement in Asia, including Cristina McLauchlan - a lady who wears multiple hats including Founder of The Vibe Tribe and Brand Manager of MANA! - one of Hong Kong's most popular healthy, organic & zero-food-waste cafes."

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