More Testimonials

“It gives the crew a different perspective, zoom out from this 24/7 digital world and our daily routines. The workshop offered us to find some clarity of the purpose of our daily jobs as well as get some inspiration thoughts, we also had a lot of fun from the workshop and yoga class, definitely a good team building element and highly recommended.“

- Lizzy Yao (Brand Communication Director | Vans APAC)

”When I started my yoga journey 3 years ago I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I found myself in a pool of bodies trying to keep up with the flow, not always understanding how to properly find the pose, or exactly why. It wasn’t until I started going to Kita Yoga, where I found Cristina & began looking at my yoga practice in a whole new light. I really enjoyed how Cristina structured her class, making it more alignment based & explaining the why behind everything. She puts things into terms anyone, no matter where they are in their yoga practice, can understand and feel the benefits of the pose & sequence she delivers. She takes things back to the traditions explaining the history behind yoga & meditation, which I absorb & always walk away learning something new. From her words to her tone, her flow is an experience that will allow the mind-body to carefully ground itself effortlessly restoring balance. Even more, she will always give you a regression & progression of each pose so you can really test your limits and feel where you’re at in your body that day. It’s Because of yoga teachers like Cristina, I am able to use my body and find myself in poses I didn’t ever think I’d manage to achieve. I hope this offers some of the beautiful light that Cristina has given me both on & off the mat.”



“I have really enjoyed deepening my yoga practice with Cristina. She has not only enabled me to develop and strengthen my understanding of the physical aspects of yoga, but also the philosophical  emotional and mental aspects. Although I have only known Cristina for a short time, I can sense that she is passionate, knowledgeable, open-hearted and one of those rare people with a gentle soul that carries immense strength - this is shown through her approach to teaching and to life. This year has been a challenging one for me as I have been going through several major life changes, but my yoga practice has really played a significant part in carrying me through. I look forward to continuing my journey to grow in peace, strength and gratitude with Cristina!”