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I am Cristina McLauchlan, Founder of The Vibe Tribe.  With over 20 + years experience in experiential marketing and communications I have merged the corporate world with social impact - becoming a conduit for change.


Conscious Cinema



"I thoroughly enjoyed Cristina's "Raise Your Vibe" skill share held at The Garden Gathering. Loved how she referred knowledge based on her own experience, and brought the whole group on a journey. I found it very clever how she complimented the 7 chakras with a variety of techniques using essential oils and art expression. At one stage she had us lean back to back against someone we barely knew. She asked us think about the meaning of love, how it feels to us and how we love ourselves. In that moment, I surrendered completely to the emotions that arose. It was such a beautiful release for me. Deeply grateful for this inspirational sharing!"

- Rosemary Vandenbroucke, HK Daybreaker Producer; RYT200 Certified Yoga Instructor; Holistic Health Coach


"Cristina McLauchlan, was recently appointed PR APAC for The Plastic Oceans Foundation to grow the foundations public profile within the region and help the foundation achieve even further success. Cristina was chosen because of her commitment to oceans related environmental campaigns, her solid work in developing social and charity netowrks anad strong marketing skills.

I have watched with admiration on how Cristinas has grown her business, The Vibe Tribe and develop and implement public relations campaigns, offerings and promotions, and media management for ethical brands and sustainable businesses throughout Asia. She is a natural for gauging public opinion, networking and connecting with the community. Her events and projects are almost universally successful, providing significant and measurable growth.
Cristina has big picture thinking along with an eye for detail. Her personality is 'larger than life' and her ability to deliver on her promises something difficult to find in similar agencies within her industry."

Craig Leeson, Director of A Plastic Ocean 


"I have been blessed enough to witness Cristina's skillsets at work on multiple fronts - branding, events, yoga, and coaching. She is a talented and inspiring woman who is utilising her gifts to support conscious individuals and businesses to truly align with their core values, and communicate those to the wider world. She brings passion and a wealth of expertise to all her projects, ensuring that they thrive and grow. Cristina is one of the most authentic people I have met, and an absolute joy to be around. She brings that energy to everything she touches, which is what makes her such a powerful force for change. If you ever get the chance to work with this woman, say yes and prepare to be wowed in every way!"

- Gina Robinson


"When I think of Cristina, I think of a woman who holds true to her values no matter how uncomfortable. I have seen her take a vision to create more integris events and communities across the globe and transform it through massive radical action! She means business when it comes to raising global consciousness and walks the talks."

- Jeanne Grabowski, Career Coach & Brand Strategist